Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13, 2009 - Bandai Goodies

Upcoming Bandai goodies from their product display. There's a few items that caught my eye.

There's already Basquash items ready?That's bandai.hmm,shiny.The Chogokin Ozma armored vf-25s. Looks good, but I still want the plasmo instead.(I have a problem, maybe an addiction, but I can stop whenever I, really I can.starts gettin the shakes*)The Big O from the Chogokin line as well. I never really got around to watching the series, but I hear its an underated show that didn't get its just dues over in the states.Will any of the other giant mechs from the Big O get the Chogokin treatment?
Ah, the Arx-7:arbalest. the first version of it-kotobukiya model kit(disaster).they've since got alot better with the plasmo work, second verson-amazing sculpt and work in general.sucky part-price was super painful to any wallet(even for fans). this Robot Damashii looks to be the bridge for an Arbalest thats more friendlly to the wallet and still giving the fans a figure within in reason. I speculate that some will still criticize this version and the almost 150 something dollar version. I don't expect this unit to be flawless, just a good something in between the bad kotokits of the past and the while incredible,still super expensive next version.Will this Arbalest satisfy the masses this time?The Ex-gear alto version(I don't think there's a need for another since Alto is the one shown using it the most, but I suspect that if Bandai chooses to, they'd do some more head sculpts and voila-more pilot versions,more money.)These are all pics mostly showing alto using the ex-gear in its cockpit mounted form.No ejector seats for these pilots,nope. instead, the main cockpit seat mass changes into the more mobile ex-gear for multi uses from escaping to addition mission blah blah blah. Hahaha,alto's like the smallest kid who wants to sit in the "big boy's seat."hahaha.Comes with enough hands don't it?oooh, big sms rifle,nice.despite my smart remarks, I would kinda like to get this. it'd go well next to my actual vf-25f display. Here's a promo pic for it from a little while back. it show the ex-gear in it mobile flight mode as well. I don't really care about the Alto head sculpt, I'd probably keep it with it helmet on anyways.prefer it that way.(you stupid punk,Alto. no actual decision???who chooses flying?punk. after all that dragging around you did with citroen,oops,err,I mean ranka.go destroy destroy elsewhere. heh.I hope someone gets this joke refrence or this'll probably make even no sense.

Images from Amiami blog.