Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 07, 2009 - The most stubborn littlest gn-mega-launcher.oh and updates and goodies.

So I haven't slept yet. Had to deal with the gn mega launcher.AGAIN. Hopefully, I'll get over the would-be hump soon enough. In the meantime between drying time for the fixes for the launcher, I decided to go ahead and get the final top coat on the feet and gn pod. Afterwards, I had some time to kill for the drying times on those as well. I downloaded a smaller file size,but same qualtiy psp version of code geass and geass r2. everything went great til I was preping for ep 15 was linked to megaupload. It went back to the animebreaker I even looked around.NADa,zip,zilch,na-ting. regardless, I finished the remaining eps and figured I'd move on til someone fixes the link.afterall, either way- I still shave about a gig off on total size occupancy for both season,each. topcoat dried,flip and spray.ugh, more waiting....I KNOW, Catch up on BASQUASH! ding!(>lightbulb=idea gimmick<) so glad I caught up with it. Oh, I might blog-review basquash and some other series in the future.tinkin bout tit.tinkin indeed. Until I have any other interests to post further, I now leave with some update Gadessa pics.Oh yeah, I decaled a bit after basquash to kill more time.

First time with decals and dry transfers. Actually, the only dry transfer is the 101 in front and a xx101 on the gn container.Too much?

I'm probably gonna keep its feet in flight mode most of the time.Joints are crazy tight.pain.The Gn pod gave me some trouble earlier.My fault though. I guess this means that this is now a custom gadessa. any comments or criticisms?

Gn mega launcher should be done by tonight or tomorrow morning. Depends if I make through the day.could use some coffee or something.

P.s. - Mystery PICTURE!!!! what is this and what does it have to do with awesomeness?guess.maybe win a prize.ugh,coffee....

Whatever could it be???