Monday, June 8, 2009

June 08, 2009 - Revy gets a new axe.

I didn't get get a TF from the toys r us sale, kinda got all the ones I want for now anyways. That and I should try to cut back on too much spending. Still not getting as many assignments as I'd like these days. Not having a steady payflow calls for more financial management than I'd normally like. Anyways, I couldn't say no to getting this for any of my revoltechs. For now, revy can rock it. well, when she's not drinking like an irishman or shooting new buttholes into people with her sword cutlass. Oddly enough, the guitar fits her colors. I didn't originally set out to do that but, eh.Yeah, thats how a real badass handles a guitar. Guitar in one hand, grenade launcher in the other. The guitar plays itself. thats how Revy rolls.hahaha.