Monday, June 8, 2009

June 08, 2009 - Update- Real G Project.

Update for the giant 1/1 scale RX-78 . Its really comin together. Its gonna be one hell of a site when its done. If I end up gettin contacted as to if I leave on my trip next month, I hope if I get the go ahead-that I get enough time to take care/confirm my travel arrangements. I'm so gonna see about makin a side trip to Odaiba.A connecting flight or something.heh, probably won't happen,but wishful thinking. I wanna be there in person looking up at this massive thing. Like I said, one hell of a site. This huge statue dwarfing over everyone with such details. Man,craziness.

Legs and waist are all finished, it seems.
The Decal detail work is insane ^^, much detail.It just looks like It'll start moving any second now.Think about it. Those fences are pretty tall. That's an ankle. think about the rest of the unit.Total Dwarfage.Arms seem to be completed as well.They really didn't take too long constructing this at all. The resources used in this, I wonder...

Upper torso finalizing. I can't wait to see the head unit.

Article from Danny Choo..