Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 06, 2009 - digital converterboxes - the jerkoffs.

So I picked the last digital converter box for the house today. I was gonna get an insignia unit, but all best buy had was apex.bleh. After some light research work(and by research, I mean cnet and some other reviews/sites from the comfort of my home- lazy,soooo lazy.), I've found that for the converterboxes I've looked up based on local retailers and came to this-

Best Buy - Apex: always plenty and cheap,and I mean cheap in price and quality and performance. remote works like a bricked psp. unit is only line of site for remote commmands and still functions like crap if it does work. signal feed is bleh.on and off. on and off.headache causing really. I don't wanna go further with this thing,its just bullying at some point. with your government coupon, it goes from 49.99 to 9.99.....still not worth it if it was free.(ok, ok that was the last one...for now.)
- Insignia: A little bit more on price,but its worth it. Good solid unit. remote works for tv as well.capable of both recieving digital and analog signals like most boxes(surprisingly, there are some that only do one and not the other.). Also a plus, it does have aspect ratio control, as in 16:9 for those not super old tube sets but before the hdtv's came into existence. My sony is an example. It actually does support hdtv(via dvi port), but no tuner-boo. and most converters do support full/widesceen initially, but its not 16:9( I know from prior bad luck). Overall, with your government coupons, it goes from 59.99 to 19.99 so not bad. especially for a unit that works as well as it did.

My tv- its a widescreen unit. able to be like an hdtv,but not an actual hdtv-no digital tuner.dvi port though.ARGH!!!

Walmart - Magnavox: like the Apex unit.nuff said.(...SUCK A$$.just just,gah,ugh.waste,waste. If I tried a bad unit outta bad luck, it was the one that fell off a truck,from a 3 story building,kicked onto the shelf and shaken up for good measure.)with your government coupon, it goes from 49.99 to 9.99. reeeeee eeee eeee ipahH oFFFFfffffuh.
- RCA: this is actually the best unit for performance,quality, and price.Hell, cnet actually gave this thing the highest rating out of all the other converterboxes. It works like any other unit.good solid remote. big buttons a plus for older uses.easy guide and menu.both analog and digital work fine. compatible with smart antennas.oh yeah, the remote is not line of site exactly. as long as its point in the general direction of the box - it works fine. slight delay on button to onscreen reaction in terms of # pushing for channels. but they all respond,just not instantly. that could just be because I don't actually point to the box.anyways, its a good unit and plenty in stock usually at your local walmart.

The best overall for performance and price according to CNET.

I wanted to get 1 rca and 1 insignia,but no best buy closeby had I had to settle for 2 rca.still good.

Also, comes with dual positioning for sitting or standing unit. not neccesary in the very least,but nice.