Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 09, 2009 - Project Real G nearing completion!!

So, got up, got my morning coffee/tea and went to check for anything updated or interesting and what do I find? PROJECT REAL G has practically finished! I hear they're finishing up on the led work and the rifle & shield. ALOT of leds are gonna be in place. eyes plus 49 other places on the suit. anyhoo, its looks awesome(>_<)!!!! Seeing the new pics just makes me wanna see in person all the more. As soon as I gather enough funds for all my anticipated events/items, I'll pre-order the hg 1/144 anniversary rx-78 with the slightly new modern sculpt. awesomeness,just awesomeness. although....think about it, japan: - always tweeking the A.I. tech they're always developing. - Technically, they're 3 years ahead of the curve for us and almost 5yrs for the rest of the world in terms of advancement in technology,architecture,etc. - They now just constructed a real scale giant mobile suit that even fits within size and weight parameters( the list intel on a functioning unit is 350ish tons, empty-no guts statue built-300 or so tons) -They're always competing against korea in general advancements,etc,etc. - alittle bit more time and BOOM!!,working ms havoking in seoul. then, korea will one up them by building one,too. -Japan pushes the operating tech til the A.I. is at its limits,then..... SKYNET....giant, robotic,japanese, skynet. dum dUm DUMMMMMM......quick question-who will be the angst ridden 15 yr old to ride the first working prototype? hahhahahaha. enjoy the pics,all.

Source/articles from Ngee Khiong and Danny Choo