Friday, June 5, 2009

June 05, 2009 - PSP GO

Now I'm a fan of the psp as much as a psp owner can be. I bought umd's when it first came out, I even got rid of my original psp 1000 and paid for a new slim unit just to update.( I have no need to homebrew and hack my unit,happy with it.that and I had confidence sony would eventually expand their network and make things download-friendly.Lucky for me, it paid off.) Sony has recently unveiled at E3, the PSP GO. Its more mobile friendly, an update for the psp currently, but not replacing it. It is not a psp2, just another revision of sorts. it kinda looks like the designs were inspired by the motorola sidekick slide and the sony mylo. Its specs released caught my interest so I'll follow it and we'll see if I'll get it or not.

PSP Go - release for fall 2009, $249.99 US retail.

-40% smaller
-60(I think)% lighter
-no more umd drive. all content to be downloaded instead.also no umd's mean more battery life.
-16 gb flash memory
-uses M2 (memory stick micro)
-has bluetooth.
-stock battery life is longer.

It will not replace the psp-3000. Both will apparently stay available on the market.Similar to how both the PS3 and PS2 are both still in circulation.

word is that for umd owners, there is work on solutions to copy or rip umd games to digital format for psp go owners at kiosks at certain locations.

I'm a little worried about the placement of that analog stick.we'll see how things go. On a similar note, The PSN has now released Resident Evil and Final Fantasy VII for the psp for download.AWESOME. FFVII is the first game to be so large in file size as well. its alittle over a gig.crazy.anyways, what do you guys think about the psp go?