Monday, June 8, 2009

June 08, 2009 - Can you drink Ramune correctly?

I didn't even know my local market had it, much less did I remember the name of it.hold and behold. Ramune. Its the soda with a cool glass bottle.damn youse, little marble from hell. anyways, These upcoming 2 weeks I am highly anticipating.

there's the TF:ROTF flick on the 24th. midnight premiere, anyone? I saw the first one on premiere night. A movie like that is best watched with an equally excited crowd.Even better with fans and not just movie-goers. At the first film's screening, I had a great time. I guess the audience's momentum helped. All jokes were appropriately laughed at. the ooh's and ah's. It doesn't even matter if it was a stupid joke- you're having a good time and probably do wanna laugh at the lame joke, so you do. all in all- I had a good time at the first premiere. I wanted to see it again and so I went the following weekend to see it. soooooo quiet. no one laughed,no ooh's or ah's. a cellphone rang. a baby cried. still enjoyed the film, but the whole movie experience was something to be desired. So I totally can't wait for ROTF.

Batman Arkham Asylum VG on the 29th. I heard it was pushed to august-ish. no complaints though. I can't waits for this thing to roll out to my local retailers. I really enjoyed the demo and have heard nothing, but good things about it. imagine- the first great and badass batman game. or at least best out of all former titles. coolness.

Its June so that means if a decision is made regarding my possible upcoming assignment, it'll happen this month since July is when its supposed to happen. crossed fingers. I could really use the money. I'll have to miss outta of any potential thing happening back home, but if I get this assignment, it'll last me a while financially. we'll see...

Ramune & Curry Bread. Awesome lunch. Take that, pb&j!!!